Dolina Karpia (Carp Valley)

1 km from the facility

Dolina Karpia (Carp Valley) with its capital in Zator is a tourist region whose hallmark is Zator carp. The tradition of golden carp farming in local ponds dates back to the Middle Ages. Furthermore, there are plenty of attractions, including i.a. amusement parks, scenic cycling and walking trails and canoeing on the Vistula and Skawa rivers. There is also no shortage of areas with wildlife.

Nearby walking trails

1 km from the facility

Active leisure activities in Zator include not only amusement parks but also family or romantic walks to admire the beauty of Kotlina Oświęcimska (the Oświęcim Basin). Hiking in Zator consists mainly of nature trails and tourist routes with unique natural features and monuments, such as the Małopolska Trail of Wooden Architecture.

Nearby cycle routes

1 km from the facility

A bicycle is a good idea for getting to the furthest corners of Zator. Cycling amidst the mosaic of fishponds, it is worth visiting the numerous historical monuments and admiring the beautiful landscapes in the Skawa and Vistula valleys. The Natura2000 area is a treat for wildlife and cycling enthusiasts. Zator offers local and surrounding routes, totalling more than 150 km.


1.5 km from the facility

Fans of prehistoric reptiles will be delighted with a visit to Zatorland, where they will meet a whole herd of moving dinosaurs, headed by T. Rex. There is also the Mythology Park, created on water and full of divine heroes, and the Insect Park, where enlarged insects look like creatures not of this world. A joyful complement to a visit to Zatorland will be the attractions of the amusement park.


2 km from the facility

Attraction that does not need to be advertised. A wide range of rollercoasters and carousels will provide a strong adrenaline rush. Daredevils will find themed zones (including Fairytale Land [Bajkolandia], Dragon Town [Smoczy Gród] and Water Park) that will delight children and adults alike. Cyclical events provide an extra dose of fun and entertainment almost all year round.

Wygiełzów open-air museum

12 km from the facility

Culture has more than one name – a good example is Muzeum Małopolski Zachodniej (Western Małopolska Museum) in Wygiełzów, which houses an open-air museum. It is a fascinating example of wooden architecture typical of the Krakow countryside and the life of Western Cracovians. In addition, faithfully recreated interiors of cottages, a granary, or a smithy with the spirit of local folklore await. It is definitely worth seeing.

Wadowice – Museum of John Paul II

14 km from the facility

The Polish Pope’s hometown is Wadowice, where it all began. A must-see on any trip should be the Museum of John Paul II, which presents the most important but often unknown facts about the life of Karol Wojtyła before he became head of the Church. The museum presents valuable collections and invites visitors to workshops.

Oświęcim – synagogue

18 km from the facility

A fascinating journey through Oświęcim’s cultural melting pot should begin at the Chevra Lomdei Mishnayot synagogue. It is a beautifully restored early 20th-century Judaic monument that has been attracting tourists for years. Nearby is the Jewish Museum, which displays photographs and documents relating to the history of the local Jewish community.

Oświęcim – underground

18 km from the facility

If you decide to descend into the dark castle underground, you will certainly discover the secrets of the tunnels and a special tourist route. Each of the tunnels has its own history; the first remembers the times of the Austrian partition while the second remembers the German occupation. Adventurers will find 300 m² of underground corridors that smell of history and spark the imagination.

Oświęcim – castle

18 km from the facility

The castle is an icon of Oświęcim, which has guarded the former principality of Zator and Oświęcim for centuries. Visitors can look forward to a restored fortress full of outstanding attractions, including a defence tower overlooking the city skyline, bourgeois rooms and a range of archaeological exhibitions. Zamkowe Wzgórze (Castle Hill) is a treat for history fans.

Inwałd Park

19 km from the facility

As many as 5 themed zones in one place? It is possible in Inwałd Park, where you can see dinosaurs in 1:1 scale with your own eyes, as well as become one of the knights of the Inwałd Stronghold or you can move to the Miniature Park with the most magnificent pieces of world architecture. Much excitement will be generated by the animals of the Mini Pony Zoo, whereas the views of the John Paul II Garden will be soothing.

Oświęcim – Auschwitz

20 km from the facility

There are places you cannot pass by indifferently, and one of them is the former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz I, where acts of genocide were carried out on an unprecedented scale. This museum is a Memorial for present and future generations.

Brzezinka – concentration camp

22 km from the facility

On the outskirts of the city there is Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camp to which a symbolic railway siding and gate lead.  Preserved barracks and ruins of buildings can be seen at the camp. This is the second, larger part of the camp, where commemorations and various ceremonies are held every year to commemorate the Holocaust victims

Tenczyn Castle

23 km from the facility

The ruins of the Gothic Tenczyn Castle in Rudno, which is located on a former volcanic cone, are a unique place. There are many legends surrounding the Jurassic stronghold about ghosts and treasures hidden in the dungeons. While in the castle, you can admire beautiful views of Dolinki Podkrakowskie (the Podkrakowskie Valleys), which become particularly colourful in autumn.

Museum at the Franciscan Friars’ Monastery in Harmęże

25 km from the facility

The museum at the Franciscan Friars’ Monastery in Harmęże is located to the south west of Oświęcim. It is linked to the story of the martyrdom of St. Maximilian Kolbe, who – while working in the Auschwitz Harmense sub-camp – gave his life for a fellow prisoner. Basement rooms house an exhibition of works by camp prisoner Marian Kołodziej, entitled “Klisze Pamięci. Labirynty” [Memory Files. Labyrinths].

Lake Mucharz – canoes, pedal boats

28 km from the facility

Lake Mucharz is one of the jewels at the junction of Beskid Mały (the Little Beskids) and the Beskid Makowski (the Maków Beskids), which offers plenty of water attractions. Simply rent a canoe or a pedal boat to enjoy the unique mountain views, as well as the Świnna Poręba dam on the Skawa River. Furthermore, there are numerous food and beverage outlets and other entertainment facilities on the lake.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

28 km from the facility

The destination of many pilgrimages is the famous Way of the Cross, located in an extraordinary setting. The Our Lady of the Angels Basilica, the Bernardine Monastery Complex and the Passion-Marian Sanctuary in  Kalwaria Zebrzydowska are places of tranquillity and are surrounded by the unique landscapes of the Maków Beskids. The Miraculous Painting of the Holy Mother of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska also deserves special attention.

Czarny Groń – ice rink

28 km from the facility

What could be more beautiful than performing skating figures on the ice to the rhythm of your favourite music? Sliding on the ice rink will provide plenty of fun for people of all ages – it is the perfect place for an interesting leisure time. There is a rental service of skates and penguins for children next to the rink, so learning will be sheer pleasure.

Czarny Groń – skiing

30 km from the facility

Are you keen to ski amidst landscapes of Beskid Andrychowski (the Andrychów Beskids)? The Czarny Groń resort is open to skiers and snowboarders who would like to try their luck on one of the most interesting ski runs in the Beskid Mountains (the Beskids). The high standard, the availability of a chairlift and the unique views are sure to be memorable, leaving you with fond memories.

Żar Mountain – dam

41 km from the facility

The dam on Żar Mountain is one of the local engineering marvels, which impresses not only with its fulfilment of the engineering intention but also with its beautiful location. It offers views of mountain lakes such as Żywiec and Międzybrodzkie, which look great at any time of the year. It should be noted that it is probably the most beautiful hydroelectric power station in Poland.

Polish Theatre in Bielsko-Biała

41 km from the facility

The City of a Thousand Industries is also an important cultural centre, where Teatr Polski (the Polish Theatre) – located in an eclectic building –  has been operating since 1890.  Its wide repertoire featuring the most  outstanding performances and excellent casts is a combination that will seduce every lover of high culture. In addition, magnificent interiors  of the theatre provide an excellent sense of the spirit of the old days.

Palace park in Pszczyna

42 km from the facility

When visiting the palace, do not forget the charming park, whose English style is an aesthetic feast for body and soul. In the park, there is a lake and many attractions such as the open-air museum of the Pszczyna village or the European bison show enclosure. A walk along wide avenues among magnificent oaks, lime trees (lindens) and chestnut trees or a picnic on the lawn is the essence of a successful leisure stay.

Castle in Pszczyna

42 km from the facility

The former magnate’s residence is quite a treat. Famous families, imperial apartments, and tangible testimonies of past  centuries. All this and much more awaits you in the renovated palace museum in the form of thematic and permanent exhibitions. In a word, a jewel among Polish monuments.

European bison show enclosure in Pszczyna

42 km from the facility

It is a paradise for all animal lovers. In addition to bison, you can meet fallow deer, sheep, goats, rabbits, foxes or ornamental birds. The enclosure is a great attraction for the  whole family, all surrounded by the historic park in Pszczyna.

Żar Mountain – slope

42 km from the facility

Fans of winter madness will certainly appreciate the possibility of exciting downhill skiing offered by Żar Mountain. The picturesquely located slope is ideal for winter sports. The 1,600 m long and varied ski run, the Beskid landscapes in the background and  developed skiing infrastructure with a cable railway are a treat for every lover of Polish mountains.

Żywiec Lake (Jezioro Żywieckie) – canoes, pedal boats

44 km from the facility

Admiring the fabulous mountain scenery of Lake Żywiec is a dream come true for many tourists. In particular, if you go by canoe or pedal boat. The views of Skrzyczne Mountain or Soła gorge are a fantastic attraction for anyone who comes to visit.

Żar Mountain – cable railway

47 km from the facility

The funicular railway leading to Mountain Żar (761 m above sea level) is one of the most interesting attractions in this part of the Beskids. Therefore, it is worth taking a spectacular ride that enthralls with  landscapes of the Żywiec Beskids and Soła gorge. At the top of Mountain Żar, there is a unique menu served by a local restaurant.

Wieliczka – Salt Mine

53 km from the facility

The underground world of Wieliczka is a treasure trove of knowledge about the history of salt mining, which has been revered by Polish rulers since time immemorial. The salt mine is dozens of kilometres of routes, refined halls, and majestic chapels.

Ojców National Park (Ojcowski Park Narodowy)

56 km from the facility

The smallest and most beautiful national park in Poland! It is enough to walk through Dolina Prądnika (the Prądnik Valley) to fall in love with unique landscapes of this park, especially in autumn. Karst formations including Maczuga Herkulesa (Hercules mace) or Brama  Krakowska (Kraków Gate) are true wonders of nature. The park also has a  wooden Chapel “Na Wodzie”, Jurassic castles and a museum.

Pieskowa Skała

60 km from the facility

In fact, one of the stops on the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests (Polish: Szlak Orlich Gniazd) is now a Renaissance structure that remembers the times of last members of the Piast dynasty. Its fantastic location in the company of Hercules mace and within the  Ojców National Park fires the imagination of history fans. Carefully restored interiors, exhibitions and cyclical events attract crowds of  tourists.

Żywiec Brewery

62 km from the facility

Connoisseurs of the frothy drink will be delighted with the opportunity to learn the secrets of brewing. Żywiec is home to a unique brewery that not only tempts visitors with  tasting events but also invites them to amazing museum spaces located in  the former storage cellars. The archduke brewery has been in operation since 1856 and is the pride of the region.