A proposal is the first step towards a future together. The unique setting of the proposal allows it to be remembered for the rest of your life. A man who is about to propose to his chosen one often does not know how to ask her to marry him, so it is worth learning about traditional and unusual ways to get engaged.

Traditional step-by-step proposal

A traditional proposal involves asking for the hand of the woman you love in the presence of her parents, who should give their consent to the wedding. More often than not, such a proposal takes place during family gatherings that are organised e.g. on the occasion of holidays or planned visits to the beloved’s family home. Organising a traditional proposal is a challenge for which you should prepare properly, remembering not only to buy an engagement ring but also flowers for your chosen one’s mother and arrange a proper speech.

A traditional proposal can also be organised in a restaurant; however, it is worth considering whether attendees will be uncomfortable with the presence of strangers. Importantly – when organising a restaurant proposal, it is best to choose a venue that you know well, as this will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Unusual ways to get engaged

A man can propose in many different ways, meticulously planning every minute of such a special event or acting spontaneously. It is worth remembering that the manner of the proposal should be tailored to the personality of the beloved, as well as her expectations.

An interesting idea for an unusual proposal may be to ask your beloved to marry you, e.g. during a balloon flight, a canoeing trip, a hike in the mountains, a horse ride or a picnic in the countryside.

There are increasingly popular social media marriage proposals and cinema proposals that include the preparation of a short film for your beloved – the film is screened before the screening. Many women want their beloved to treat the proposal in a unique way, taking into account their interests, hobbies, and dreams during the planning stage of the proposal setting. This is very important, as the moment of the proposal should be really special and not involve discomfort.

As many couples so many ideas for unusual proposals. When wanting to organise the perfect proposal, it is important to remember that asking your beloved to marry you is not just a “duty” but, above all, a pleasure that should be enjoyed by two people.

A unique marriage proposal during a romantic getaway for two

A great idea for a successful proposal is to organise a romantic getaway to fully enjoy the moment of the proposal. An unforgettable proposal can be organised in the unique interiors of Aparthotel ZATOR. We would be delighted to plan and comprehensively organise a personalised marriage proposal in one of our suites.

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Getting engaged is a special moment in every couple’s life. It is advisable to prepare properly for asking your beloved to marry you and take care of the elegant setting for such a special event. The perfect and always right idea for a unique proposal is a romantic getaway that will allow you to surprise your beloved and fully enjoy the extraordinary moment of the proposal.