As parents, we often forget our own needs and devote ourselves fully to our children. In the meantime, even a short trip without the little ones will allow you to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself in the way you remember from the old days.

Rested, relaxed and happy parents raise happy children and cope better with the problems of everyday life. Life after the birth of children changes 180 degrees, although it does not have to involve only making sacrifices and forgetting about yourself.

Trip with children vs. trip without children

Family holidays or weekend trips with children do not allow you to fully relax and enjoy each other’s company. Parental responsibilities are also unavoidable outside the home. The constant spending of time with children is also not conducive to nurturing the relationship – it is difficult to find a free moment to fully relax, not to mention a romantic dinner or a moment alone in the way we want.

A short trip without children is an investment in healthy relationships and family happiness. If the opportunity presents itself, it does not require much thinking about. Leaving the children for 2-3 nights in good care will not only allow you to enjoy a moment of well-deserved relaxation but will also do the youngest members of the family good.

What do you gain by opting for a short trip without the children?

A short break from family responsibilities is an ideal opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and spend time without having to compromise. It will make you feel like you were dating or on your honeymoon again.

It is good to remember how you spent your time before you had children. With a moment of blissful relaxation, you will not only take care of yourself but also return home with your batteries fully charged!

A trip without children is the perfect opportunity to finally think about yourself and your loved one’s needs. When was the last time you had time to talk calmly to each other and take care of the affection between you two? During a short holiday without the children, you will finally be able to get a good night’s sleep, enjoy each other’s company, and take the opportunity to spend carefree time in the way you want.

Where can you travel without children?

When looking for a place to spend a short break from family obligations, it is worth choosing an intimate suite. Instead of dropping everything and going to the Beskids, it is better to visit beautiful Małopolska and have a good time in Zator. In the unique interiors of Aparthotel ZATOR you will fully enjoy a moment of solitude and well-deserved rest. Lavishly furnished and beautifully decorated suites of a higher standard await you here. We offer our guests a suite with a hot tub and a suite equipped with a whirlpool bath. The suites on offer have been decorated using fine materials, including wood and natural stone, and top-quality fabrics.


A short stay in the centre of charming Zator will provide the opportunity to relax in luxurious conditions and a romantic atmosphere. It is an excellent idea for a planned holiday and a surprise for your other half. By relaxing in an intimate suite, you will gain a sense of privacy and the opportunity to enjoy the unrestricted company of your loved one.